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Our Team

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Luke Kidgell

Co-Founder & Comedian

When Luke is not touring and performing he is responsible for the creative direction of KEG. Along with being responsible for his own social media channels and podcasts, Luke helps to discover up and coming talent for KEG to work with along with mentoring and providing guidance to this talent.

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Jack Kidgell

 Co-Founder and Business Manager

Jack is responsible for managing the business function of KEG including business management and development, tour booking, management of staff, overview of accounting function and identification of opportunities and growth for the business.  

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Alice Mulvogue

Head of Finance

Alice is responsible for managing the accounting function of KEG including maintaining all accounting records, tax reporting including BAS and income tax return, payroll, budgeting and other ad hoc financial reporting and planning requirements

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Mitchell Lambert

Tour and Digital Marketing Manager

Mitch is the marketing manager and oversees event promotion and digital marketing. He is also responsible for managing the tour booking for various comedians who engage KEG including corresponding with venues and booking various elements of the trips.

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Tyler Cahill

 Editor and Tour Manager

Tyler is responsible for assisting with content production, social media assistance, producing videos and podcasts, filming and editing. Tyler’s duties also include videographer on tour and other tasks on days of performance.  

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Vibhu Iyer

Community Manager

Vibhu is responsible for managing the customer support function of KEG including responding to queries through the contact and ticketing email inboxes, responding to DM’s on various social media platforms and when required assisting with touring. 

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Meg Archibald

Tour Manager and Content Creator

Meg is responsible for assisting in booking accommodation and flights for relevant tours, managing touring admin including merchandise and selling merchandise at shows.  Meg is also the ‘Luke & Meg’ podcast creative director and talent. 

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Rhys Hawker

 Editor and Videographer

Rhys is responsible for assisting with content production, social media assistance, producing videos and podcasts, filming and editing. Rhys’ duties also include videographer/ tech assistant on tour. 

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Shaz Card.png

Sharon Kidgell

 Merchandise Fulfilment
and Warehouse Manager

Sharon is responsible for fulfilling online merchandise orders, stock and inventory management and other related duties. Sharon is also responsible for maintaining our warehouse, office and podcast space. 

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Thomas Kearney

Admin Assistant

Tom assists the team with managing mailing lists, marketing’s assets and administrative tasks.

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