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Our Services 


Touring is what our team is best at!


KEG was originally established as a touring company in 2022 and our team has become well known and respected in the industry ever since. From planning a tour route, to booking venues our team has done it all and love being out on the road with our talent. 


Our team can assist with:

  • Tour route planning

  • Venue booking and management

  • Transport and accommodation booking

  • Merchandise transport

  • Tour managing

  • Show day technical requirements

  • Show day merchandise selling


We work with our talent to bring their podcasts to life, handling all the technical requirements allowing them to focus on the fun stuff.


Our podcast offering is tailored to our talents needs, we can be as involved as necessary or just work to complement our talents existing skill set.


Our full podcast offering includes:


  • Production

  • Publishing and distribution

  • Digital Marketing

  • Strategy and production development

  • Brand deals procurement

  • Analytics and reporting analysis

Short Form Content

Our video and editing team work with our talent to create video content that suits a number of different platforms including Instagram, Facebook,  Tik Tok and YouTube Shorts.


We can work with original ideas, including on the day production and strategy development.  Alternatively work with pre-recorded long form content and workshop the best way to clip it up and deliver it the audience in the mis. Our team has experience with both well established and emerging talent and are not afraid to share our opinions and expertise on what makes engaging and successful content.


There are a number of ways to build a community and we find one of the best ways to do this is through giving your audience the opportunity to enjoy products created by you that showcase the individual style and interests of your community members.


We assist our talent through the entire merchandise production process including design, procurement of merchandise, online store creation, online order fulfillment, transportation and sales at events and digital marketing of products.

Comedy Specials

Comedy Specials are where we get to see our talent at their best!


In the early stages of a comedy special we assist with creative direction, production design and location scouting. We make sure all the pre-production is in line to make sure the special is exactly what our talent has conceptualised. 


On the day it’s lights, camera, action. Whether we are involved in the production or it has been outsourced, our team can be there on the day to. Post-production we can procure or assist with editing, visual effects and sound design working with our distribution network to market the project.

'Cheers To That' Comedy Special -  Produced in collaboration with Slurrp Productions

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